October 22, 2011

A vision that sealed the fate of LIBYA

OBServers are of the view that  Gadaffi's vision was dangerous and if carried out  could cost "democracy exporting" countries their Monopoly over the African States. . The idea was to join African and Muslim countries to exclude Dollar and sell and purchase oil and  other resources with gold backed currency. this policy was going to shudder  the western hegemony. the  intention of Gaddafi to convert Africa in "one market" with "one currency" other than Dollar  spur on US, NATO, FRANCE and others to get rid of this dictator and place some puppet ruler so that the exploitation of this region  could be ensured.

 Bank of investment in Sirte and African Monetary fund based in Cameroon that was going to supplement IMF was pricking  colonial masters of African States. ACCORDING TO IMF Libya's central bank is hundred percent state- owned and has the one hundred and 44 tons of gold. Changing currency or pricing oil other than Dollar could  RAttle US  in the Arab region for SAUDI ARABIA has an agreement with US to set dollar as a reserve currency. This policy as a whole could tilt balance of power in the favour of AF.


Anonymous said...

I can only conclude you have never been to Libya.
Gadaffi was a meglomaniacal, mass murdering thug, a thief, and a pompous semi-literate buffoon. Libya is well rid of him and his corrupt family.

Anonymous said...

I don't think people around the world understand what was happening in Libya. Only Libyans living there have a full view of the disastourous situation in the country. Libya was a well respected country before Gaddafi came. For 42 years he has been killing his own people (inside and outside of Libya), stealing its wealth and terrorizing the people. Please talk to a Libyan who suffered and understands the history of the country before wasting your ink and writing these ignorant articles.

Anonymous said...

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