March 09, 2011

physical features of Pakistan.

Highest peaks of Pakistan.

K2. 8,616 m  (  second highest after mount Everest, is  located on the border of china and Gilgit-baltistan(Pakistan).

Nanga parbat . also describe as killer mountain. and naked mountain, elevation is about 8,125 m (26,660ft)

 located in Gilgit-baltistan in Himalayan range. it is 9Th highest mountain of the world.

Gasherbrum1, also known as K5, or Hidden peak it's elevation is 8068 m (about 26,509 ft).  it is eleventh

highest of the world and is located in Karakorum range on the border of China and Pakistan(Gilgat baltistan)

Broad peak (K3) also known as faichan kangri is 8,065 m (26,414 ft) elevated above the sea level and is

 the 12Th highest mountain of the world.

Gasherbrum ii  (K4) it is 8,035 m(26,362 ft) high and is 13th highest mountain of the world.

Gasherbrum III  is 7,952m (26,089 ft) high and is situated on the china-Pakistan border.

Gasherbrum IV  is 7,925 m (26,01 ft) high. 17th highest of the world and sixth largest in Pakistan.

 Gasherbrum is taken into the word of shinning wall or beautiful mountain

Distagil sar  is the 19th highest mountain of the world which is 7,885 m(25,869 ft) located in Hispar

muztagh in Gilgat baltistan.

moreover, kunyang Kish 7,852m (25,761 ft),Masherbrum (NE), Rakaposhi 25,551 ft, Batura 1,
Kanjut  sar,Saltoro Kangri, Trivor and Tirich Mir are prominent.



  • Mancher lake ,   (in sindh)

  • keenjar, (in sindh)

  • Hanna,     (Baloachistan)

  • Saiful maluk,   ( khybar pakhtoonkhua)

  • Satpara,     ( Northern areas)

  • Kachura,  ( Northern areas)


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