May 05, 2011

In serving the wicked expect no reward.

once a wolf  had struck a bone in its throat. it hired a crane and pledge if it is successful in getting the bone out of its throat than the Crane  will be rewarded,. the crane agreed. It put its head into the mouth of wolf and  draw the bone out. When the crane demanded its reward the wolf get annoyed it grinned its teeth and said i have already rewarded  you enough by   permitting you to draw your own head safely out of my jaw.

The same is the case with Pakistan. US hired  Pakistan to redeem her from the Taliban and Alqaida and whenever  it get relief it start acting like the wicked wolf . How? lets analyse

The foreign policy of Pakistan is totally different from the America's foreign policy. some Pakistan cannot afford animosity with its neighbours . especially with Afghanistan for both share the culture  values in one way  or the other and  Afghanistan  is a Muslim state too. majority of people have  soft corners for Muslims in favour of non Muslims. in other words Pakistani people have sympathy with Afghanistan and hate Americans  The major service which Pakistan render in serving the cause of US is that it handed  over many people to  the USA.

Pakistan conducted operations in its tribal areas and still is busy in fighting non state elements on three fronts ( eastern front, western front, internal fight in tribal areas and the fourth foist on front" US fight on terror". .
These non state elements are those who were once with the Pakistan but now have turned against the Pakistan for  it is leading the war against terror with the  cooperation of US.
One faction of those non state elements is Haqani network and many others. Pakistan  is paying the price for serving the US  in the form of suicide attacks on it's intelligence agencies,
police stations, civil and military head quarters .The mosques and shrines are being blown  up by these  Taliban  and Haqani groups once nurtured by US  to use them  against USSR. Pakistan is caught up in crossfire. No other ally cooperated with US to an extent,  many of them withdrawn their forces from
the Afghanistan. yet Americans suspect Pakistan for being double faced or cheat. Whereas Pakistan complains and reminds the world  from time to time that US has a history of deserting

Pakistan in quagmire after its objectives are fulfilled. For instance,
  • After Russian withdrawal  from  Afghanistan 
  •   F-16 plane were not handed over to Pakistan
  • US sanction on Pakistan
ON the issue of  "kill Osama" operation. Pakistan shared the information about  that compound in 2009 and on many occasions  it taped calls and transcript them then share it with CIA thus they were able to detect the Osama's location. It not only shared information but also captured and handed over around twenty high value targets to US(no need to mention them every one knows who they were).
. Pakistan bent backward to cooperate with her ally but her ally still suspect it and is willing to work with her in future to fight against terror. but  Pakistan should now learn a lesson that in serving the wicked expect no reward and be thankful if you escape injury .

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