June 09, 2011

Nepenthes Attenboroughii

Nepenthes Attenboroughii of Philippine  is the largest carnivores plant that can digest Rat with the help of its flesh eating enzymes. Such carnivores plants are a few hundred in number, growing on the mountain of Palwan.

What makes it  distinguish is its spectacular trap which is full of nectar and big enough to trap rodents as well.

There are 630 known species of pitcher plants that attract prey usually insects.

Botanist have named it after a British natural history broadcaster David Attenboroughii.

 Pitcher plants Mostly grow in wet highland areas. North America has more carnivores genera than any other
nation. Various traping mechanism  are found in  these pitcher plants such as,

  • pitfall trap.
 plants   trap insect using rolled leaves that are filled  with bacteria.

  • Flypapers trap
adhesive substance is produce through which the  prey is consumed

  • Snap traps
rapid leaves movement mechanism dissolve desired nutrients

  • Bladder traps
insects are sucked into the bladder and further are digested
  • Lobster pot traps.
induce prey to move towards digestive organ.

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