June 11, 2011

peaks for sale

Two peaks Grosse kinigat and Rosskoph are for sale in Austria . Austrian Federal Real

 estate company is offering   6,500 ft high  peaks in eastern Tyrol for 121,000  euros.

 Buyers can place their bids  until 8 July. nevertheless, they are told not to make fence

 around these summits or deny the people their right of way

 twenty people have already place their bids according to the local newspaper.

however, Residents  are not happy over the decision  to sell these summits  for  their 

 importance as a first world war memorial.


peng said...

Wow! It's sooo cheap(@.@)

Are these peaks middle of onwhere?
used to be memorial parks?

insight said...

i am sure you are gonna buy these peeks if Austrian government again put them on sale because Governmet has suspended its decision to sell owing to severe criticism and uproar from the populace.

peng said...

Actually, I don't have mony to buy these peeks(kyahaha:)
in Yokohama we can't buy even 33㎡ for 121,ooo euros. that is why I thought "it's cheap".
Anyway, I'm glad to hear that the Goverment has decided to not sell for people.