February 25, 2011

African topography

Africa covers 30,330,000 square kilometres area. It contributes around 22 percent in worlds total area.

Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest point which is 19,340 ft above from the sea level, located in Tanzania.

Lake Asal in Djibouti  is the lowest point which is 502 ft below sea level.

Cape blanc or Ra's Al Abyed(in Tunisia) is the norther most point of Africa.

Cape Agulhas is the southernmost point of Africa (locate in south Africa)

Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa and second largest freshwater lake in the world.which is approximately,270 ft deep

Lake Tanganyika is the deepest lake in Africa its depth amounts  4,710 ft.

River Nile Longest in the world is about 4,132 mile long, locate   in Africa

Lake Malawi, accommodates the largest number of fish species.

Worlds oldest desert, Namib desert is in Africa

Fish River canyon in Namibia is the second largest canyon in the world

Sahara desert , largest desert and still expanding by 0.08 kilometer a month is in Africa.

Sudan is the largest country by area.

Seychelles , is the smallest country by area have only 453 square kilometers area,

in mainland African states, Gambia, is the smallest state.

Cairo is the largest city in Africa,  having approximately 9 million inhabitants.

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