February 15, 2011

Breach the international law with immunity

Israel has been  defiant towards the UN charter and on various occasions acted illegally in achieving it's desired objectives. All of us are  aware of it's illegal construction on west bank and in east Jerusalem. International court of Justice says that These settlements are against the international laws but Israel is making headway  in building more and more settlements.

The Attack on freedom flotilla was also conducted in the international waters almost sixty miles away from its territorial waters. it not only gone into the international waters but also killed at least 20 people( Exact figures are not known)

Gaza has been put under the blockade by Israel but according to the international law to put blockade on the coastline is illegal until sate is fighting a war or is locked in an arm conflict. In both situations war must be declared by the nation. Israel disputes this and plead  that it has been fighting with the Hammas thus it is legal.
Unilateral blockade of Gaza strip is against the international laws.

Similarly the article four of the UN security council says it is unlawful to blockade ships which belong to the other nations in High seas, The freedom flotilla was flying the Turkish flag.

To block the aid which contain medicine  and food  is also against the law. thus the Israel's raid was illegal by all canons of international  law. 

 Fake  UK passports and unlawful killing of Hammas leader in Dubai by mossad surely adds a new badge of pride in breaching international laws. it appears that international community deliberately turns the blind eye towards the illegal actions of the Israel but what are the causes are not known .  Israel is condemned by the nations but is not indicted for  the crime in UN. why is  Israel immune to international law?


Don said...

We must break the siege of the US Congress, and our tax dollars, that immorally, and illegally funnel military aid to Israel; and the same Congress that shields the state of Israel from all responsibility for their international war crimes, and crimes against humanity.

insight said...

what you said is the solution to this problem.
Denial of military and moral aid is suffice to check the illegal actions of Israel.

Anonymous said...

Do you feel that Syria spying on dissidents?

Anonymous said...

Poor news - Syria's 'mutilation mystery' deepens...