February 05, 2011

Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) in the Bible.

First Epistle of john Chapter 2 Verse 1 talks about Paraclete.which is defined as comforter and helper.The same word Paraclete is also in Gospel.
Jesus predicted about a Paraclete who will abide with the people.
Jesus says,

I will pray the father and he will give you another Paraclete and that he may abide with you into the age,

John verse 14-16

another verse says " i tell you the truth it is to your advantage that i go away. because, if i don't go away the Paraclete will not come to you but if i go i will send him to you" John 16-7

John 15-26 says,

"when the Paraclete comes, whom i will send to you from the father. that is the spirit of truth who proceeds from the father and he will bear witness of me"

John 14-26 says

"But the Paraclete, the spirt whom the father will send in my name, he will teach you all things, and will bring to you remembrance all that i said to you"

Jesus is making a prophesy in bible about the another prophet (prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H)but christian are confusing these simple statements with the holy spirt. for instance,

The Paraclete was consider a male figure but later people  began to  confuse it  with the holy spirit whereas holy spirit had been present when the Jesus was being baptised.the sending of Paraclete is subject to the departure of Jesus.

there is the word "spirit of truth" in The verse 15-26.which negate that the Paraclete is a  the holy spirit. John verse 4-6 the term "spirt of truth" and the "spirt of error" are used for human beings.

All the above verses of bible speaks about the other prophet who will be send down for the people and the prophet which bible is referring is prophet Muhammad who is well known for his truthfulness and is title Sadeeq(truthful) and Ameen by his foes. He not only bear witness of Jesus's prophethood  but also memorising the message of Anjeel (Bible) to its followers.


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