March 14, 2011

nuclear facilities in the seismic zones

it has been  estimated by  IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) that about 20 percent of worlds nuclear facilities are being operated in seismic zones.Japan's plant Hamaoka near Tokai is in the region where the earthquake of up to  8.5 is likely to expect.Indian(Jaitapure plant in Maharashtra) . Australian American, Indonesian plants are found in seismic zone. Although, experts claim that these atomic reactors in these areas can withstand  Earthquake as we had  seen in the case of Japan. when, the major earth quack of 2007  struck  the Japan  but the nuclear plant got shut down automatically and  was reinstalled later on . Recent catastrophic earthquake in Japan not only devastated  the country but it  was power enough to change it's coastline.
inspite  off precautions the nuclear reactors in Fukushima put the country under the fear of radioactive contamination. The government declared nuclear emergency.what if Japan is unable to cool down its nuclear reactors? Answer is well known

The more important thing that some people tend to relate to this phenomena (earth quack and tsunami or storm, tides) is Super moon theory. The super Moon of March 2011 is being blamed for this 8.9 magnitude earth quack of Japan.but this Earthquake happened just before the Super moon of march 2011.
The super Moon is the nearest distance between the earth and the moon. That is called perigee which is about  363,104 km.

Richard Nolle is the proponent of this theory who states that this phenomenon is the causative agent of Earthquake, volcanic eruptions, storms etc. The more accurate fact about this earthquake is the tectonic Plate movement which gave rise to this huge magnitude Earthquake . The matter of concern is despite having all information about the seismic zones why to take risk  by building nuclear plants there? , seismic zones aren't the best place for nuclear facilities,


Muhammad Ashraf Jahangir said...

japan, india, Australian American, Indonesian plants are found in seismic zone.

Q : i want to know why they selected such (seismic zone) for their Atomic Power Plant? whats their logic behind it? why don't they shift these plants?

insight said...

india is of the view that itz nuclear fecility is in less sismic zone as compare to the Japan.the other are assure about the safety of these plants. they say that these plants can withstand the Earthquake and are secure. the same plea was given by the Japan but this time in 2011 unfortunately their claim about the safety of this nuclear fecility proved mere assumption and their secure plants now spewing radioactivity.But with this incident nuclear countries reviewing their security concerns in earthquake prone zones.