March 24, 2011

USAID is not healing the wound of destruction.

It is a tragic mix-up when the United states spend 500.000 $  for every enemy soldier killed and  only 53$ annually on the victims of Poverty . Once said by Martin Luther king is still relevant . American military operations throughout the world are threefold higher than it's efforts to initiate humanitarian and welfare  projects through USAID or other means.

 American Priority is not to construct the world but to destruct as much as it can be.  The rampant destruction in Afghanistan and in Iraq is unprecedented. Drone attacks in Pakistan and most recent  incursion  in Libya . security council passed a resolution on No-fly-zone. but violating this resolution Forces are targeting Mua'mar Gadaffi . which is causing  uncertainty  among the Arab League. The destruction of Misurata has alarmed the UN and it showed its concerns about the protection of Libya's  historical site "pearl of the desert" ,which remains in  peril of destruction.

Beyond that, civilian casualties is the irreparable damage .  Civilian casualties in Iraq  are between 5,115to 5,135.  Afghan casualties amount 9,759 civilians. Drone attacks till now had taken the life of 2,242 in Pakistan.. The figures shows 3,000 were killed in 9/11 whereas America has killed nearly 3000 in Pakistan only in quest of perpetrators.

American aid to these countries is not enough  to amend losses. USAID donate  5.1billion to Pakistan and almost 4 billion dollar to Afghanistan. keep the "condition" factor in mind . This peanut amount aid is granted with conditions.

The cost of Afghan Iraq war has reached to 1 trillion dollars and 33 billion were to fund more after the 2010 budget of the US in which   751 billion $ were to be use in Iraq.  The amount of destruction exceeds the aid.

 However, the civilians who got killed or injured during attack must be given compensation. It would be more appropriate to stop attacking  suspects with Drones for it cause collateral damage and reap more enemies for the US.

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