March 26, 2011

Orange River.

The largest river of South Africa.Originates from the Drakensberg Mountain and  flows in  Atlantic ocean.
it has many tributaries.Tributary is a stream, river, or a body of water that discharge its water into another larger river.

Major Tributaries of Orange river.

the Vaal river. This is the  largest tributary of orange river.It is 1,120 km long.

Diep River drain through the province of South Africa.

Berg river.located just north of cape town.

Makhaleng river.This river flows from western Lesotho and ends up in Orange river

Molopo river.This river forms border between Botswana and south Africa.

Caledon river. this river makes border between South Africa (free state province) and Lesotho

Kraai river. This tributary flows near eastern cap and flowing west joins orange river near Alival north.

Bamboeespruit river. (Bamboes spruit ).This river runs through the north west province of south Africa.

Senqu River.

Colonel Robert Gorden was the person who called it Orange River. Another popular opinion about the term Orange river is that this name is given to this river due to its Colour. It is also known as Gariep River,Groote River, or Senqu River in Africa.

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