January 05, 2011

Act of God

. Science   made much  progress in every field. Exploration of the universe is being accelerated. .weather predictions
and earth quack warnings are issued from time to time to prevent any upcoming damage.however last years catastrophes shows the  futility of these developments in preventing the act of God.

Haiti' was shacked with the severe earth quack which claimed almost 300,000 lives.The capital Port Au prince was raised to the ground affecting one third population of the state.

 Chile experienced tsunami in February which damaged port Talcahuano and washed away some towns along the coast.  china  also suffered huge casualties  as 7.1 magnitude  earth quack claimed 400 lives in Yushu county region injuring 10,000 .
the volcanic eruption in Iceland and those of mount Merapi in Indonesia effected many lives as well.
 the Massive flood in Pakistan shattered already crumbling economy of Pakistan.One fifth of the country was submerged under the water leaving devastated homes and destroyed crops.Estimates shows around 20 million people were affected and round about 2,000 people lost their lives.

Rampant wildfire in Russia in August due to draught and high temperature and 56,000 people were died.
Israel met with the same fate when fire broke out in November and reduced it's 7,000 acre area into ashes.

 man hasn't been able to cope with these natural disasters so far.


Anonymous said...

Is it true that all the plates are connected Mt Synia in Israel?

insight said...

to the best of my knowledge Mount Sinai (is in egypt) is located between Asia and Africa. the divergent movement of these plates gave rise to this paninsula.


This link will take you to your answer.