January 13, 2011

Water theft in South Asia

China's zangmu dam (underconstruction) which would be  world's highest dam had  made Indian
 government restless.India take it a tool of  water theft more than a hydro power project. this dam
 is on Brahmaputra river which is a source of water for  million people.Moreover, being lower riparian, the flow of water concerned them a lot. similarly, Lagos,Vietnam,Cambodia and Thailand
have their reservation regarding Chinese  dams on Mekong river.  Activists blamed china for changing ecology of the river but china didn't respond to their concerns.

the other country which bears strain relationship with its neighbours over the water sharing is  India.
Surma and khushiara(  river of Bangladesh) are said to be affected if India build its Tipaimukh dam over the river Barak on Mani pur state.  So much so, its Farakka barrage on Ganges river  is the most heated debate in  Bangladesh  .  this barrage was constructed to divert the Ganges water into huglii river but many in Bangladesh believe this barrage  has  cut off  the supply of water, raised salinity, effected navigation and quality of water as well. the story don't ends here, Bangladesh has also voiced its concerns over India's inter-linking river project which will divert water of Ganges into the south of India, leaving the land of Bangladesh almost barren.

pancheshwor  hydro power project is a bone of contention between India and Nepal and equal water sharing of Mahakali river has yet to be defined. India signed mahakali treaty with Nepal for water utilization. Being upper riparian Nepal's treaties with India mostly focus on how  to   control floods?and how to make hydro power projects productive for both sides.  so is the case of  Buttan.

beyond that, Pakistan on many occasions snubbed  India on its ambitions to built more dam and barrages over the rivers that are entitle to Pakistan as par Indus water  treaty. this treaty has been breached by India  many times.  for instance, her  Baglihar dam on river Chenab earned  her a name "brazen water pirate.  it's because of  this dam,
the flow of river has reduced  but india deny this saying, the slow water flow of the river is natural and have nothing to do with the dam. India's proposed fifteen dam projects  has jolted  Pakistan.  This region is witnessing the scarcity of water and can have serious repercussions IF  the demands of lower riparian are not met.

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