January 18, 2011


This Video speaks itself that American media is suffering from islamophobia.

Reporters are much concerned, why Obama bow down to an Islamic head of state? and consider that

this act was beyond the limit. Media look perturbed,
Why he defended islamic cause? why he was wearing islamic costume? How many time   he  had quoted The Holy Quran? . This phobia is the major reason in creating misunderstanding about Islam and Muslims.

American Media  is in severe need to get rid of this islamophobia as soon as possible


ricey said...

Whatever he is he cannot be the leader of the Western world and be so indecisive. OK so the US elections are getting close but the President of the US has a role to play and OBama is not fulfilling that role

Jane said...

The Turkish 'mosque' was in fact the Agia Sofia, once the principal church of the centre of the Christian faith in Constantinople but which became a mosque when Constantinople fell to the Ottomans. It was desanctified in the time of Kemal Attaturk and is now a museum. Christian decoration in the form of sculpted angels and cherubim remain in their original form on the upper decorative tiers.

That criticism of this video montage aside, Obama appears to be something of a fool who does not consider how what he says may be used before he opens his mouth to the media.