January 17, 2011

No Instinct lasts forever.

This game starts with the two prominent instincts Love and hatred.. The both try to overpower each other Love want hatred to combine in it. The Love persistently  strives  to  eradicate hatred. To resist love,

 hate gave rise anger.  love solicit help from wisdom. The both wisdom and love successfully  calm  down the anger but anger before  dying  completely  breeds  suspicious. suspicious suspect  the purity of love

and alienate wisdom from the love. Love got blind without wisdom.  it blindly keep on  showering  it's love on everyone and everything.   with out wisdom, he could not distinguish the right amount of it's love for everyone . it erroneously starts  loving Ego . Ego somehow restrict the functions of love . It don't show respect for wisdom neither let the love to calm down anger. The stubborn Ego caused the love to die . the demise of love left unchecked  hatred  with it's tools like,  anger,discontent, strife and ill will etc  this reign

of  lawlessness pricks the conscience and consciousness   subdue the wrong and  prevails the right. the right accumulate  sympathies and those sympathies are further  turned into love. In game of instincts non instinct remains forever rather try to  overpower each other for some time

instinct don't die keep on changing . and this game goes on..

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