January 04, 2011

Blasphemy law in pakistan

This Law was promulgated by Zia ul haq in 1980s. this law strictly prohibits any defaming of religious personages and defiling or defacing sacred places. For instance,

Article 295 prohibits damaging or defiling sacred places.

Article 295-A forbid inciting or outraging religious feelings.

Article 295-b forbids defiling the Holy Quran.

Article 295-c forbids defaming Muhammad Peace be Upon Him.

punishment for Defaming Muhammad (p.b.u.h)can be a death with or without fine.

article 298-a forbids  the use of any derogatory remarks and representations of Holy Muslim personages.

298 b and 292c prohibit Ahmidyas from calling themselves Muslims.

One faction of the country especially human right activist and some politicians are of the view that this law need to be amended as it's being utilised to kill innocent people. To support their point they give reference of many people who were held on the charge of blasphemy  but later court found them innocent.  thus these people had to endure this ordeal for several years without any crime.

there are numerous cases which shows how this law is being use to target the minority and the opponents.For instance,Punjab police arrested four student and a labourer on January 2009 for blasphemy but after few days inquiry committee dismissed the charges saying these are baseless. In some cases alleged people were put to death but later proved that they were innocent. they are not non Muslims alone, in many cases Muslims were caught up on blasphemy . owing to this mishandling of blasphemy law some amendments were proposed but religious parties demonstrated against it. so that the fate of this bill still hangs in balance.

No one is repealing this law parliamentarian want amendments to immune it from any witch hunting.

The supporter of this law (religious parties ) giving tough time to the government on this issue.

this tussle between religious parties and the supporters of the law can spark riots on large scale as it's easy to provoke so called  Muslims in the name of Islam.

As we have seen in the case of Governor Punjab who has been killed by his own guard and he had confessed his crime pleading that , Governor once attributed this law to a black law which injured his feelings and he shot him dead. interesting to note that no one brought any allegation under any article of the constitution in any court against the Governor Not even by the mullah's who are well versed in religious matter. . the question arises here why individuals take law in their hand and kill others on their own discretion.whereas Laws are there,judges are there,and the state is Muslim????/

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