January 27, 2011

Military Operations

             Coalition forces operation in Afghanistan

  • Operation Mushtarik (battle of Marja)

  •  Operation new dawn
  •  Operation tor shehzada also known  Operation Black prince

  •      Operation Hamkari

 DR Congo

  • Amani leo    
(peace today)  aims to consolidate surveillance, protect civilians  and eradication of FDLR  rebels and other armed groups.


  • Operation sea breeze. carried out in international waters around 60 miles away from it's territorial waters to seize freedom flotilla

  • Adaisseh  border skirmish  border skirmish with Lebanon


  • operation cyclone
  • Operation black Tornado   (against Mumbai attacks)

  • Operation blue star (Golden temple)

  • operation Vi jay ( Kargil )


  • operation New dawn

  • battle of palm grove 

by American Forces 

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