January 02, 2011

History repeats itself

the throughout history of Pakistan's politics is an acute specimen of the proverb "history repeats itself".
Nearly all Generals strictly adhered to their policy of arm twisting and usurping the power from the politicians.
The first president of Pakistan Iskandar mirza filled the post of defense minister with Ayoub khan who was commander in chief of army  by then.The unfortunate president got his due when Ayoub khan ousted him and seized the power.

It is said that General gul hassan and Air martial  raheem played a major role in installing Zulifiqar ali butto's governemt as against the incumbent martial law administrate General Yahya Khan.but The both were retired forcibly. Afterwards Zulifqar bhutto bypassed Senior Generals and appointed General Zia ul haq as the Head of the pak army.General Zia  took the power,dismissed democratic government and later Bhutto was hanged.

Prime Minister Nawaz shareef bypassed the seniour General and appointed General pervaiz musharaf.
instead supporting the nawaz's  regime he toppled the government and the premier was sent in  exile.
General Musharaf appointed General parvaiz kiyani as chief of Army staff.  Meanwhile General Musharaf is no longer Pakistan's president and General Kiyani is given extension by the incumbent Government. Let's keep our fingers crossed and see what happens next ...

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